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Glow Glass paving Bricks

 This glass brick can glows 4-6 hours in night. The matertail is same as the glow gravel. It comes in 3 colors like glow gravel. And the working life is 15 years at least. The regular size is 16cm*16cm*2.3cm. The sizes is customizable.

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New Product-Glow Resin Brick

 This glow resin bricks is our lastest product whick is made of natural gravel and glow gravel. It can be widely used in parking lots, home and garden decoration, roadside, bicycle pathway,driveway path,outyard and patio and so on. It is very easy to install like common paving brick.And the guarantee life is 5-8 years.


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New Project In Shanghai

 This is a new project in China. How about it?


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